Waldron & Cork


Just recently finished up a couple business cards for Cork Creative and Waldron Photograph Co. About a year ago we did the brand work for Cork and it's nice to have great customers that come back once their business cards run out, these were a reprint on 140# French Muscletone Construction pure white, 3 color front and back. In order to achieve a nice impression without effecting the back of the card I packed the press with a piece of this sheet metal, it holds up nice and allows for a nice crisp impression into the paper. The Waldron cards were a first for me with being a die cut and all, these were printed with a black flood, artwork knocked out, on 220# Crane's Lettra. With the right amount of impression set on the press I was able to keep the logo on the front of the card "raised", and the black actually sets into the stock, which is a nice effect.